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Floops Stitch Markers



Knitter and collector? We found a great addition to your stitch markers treasures! With these Floops Stitch Markers, you will be able to add softness and colour to your notions pouch.

The idea behind those stitch markers came to their creator, knitter herself, while using traditional metal or plastic ones. She was enjoying the softness of her yarn under her fingers, just to be abruptly called back to the hard world of metal every time she had to slip a marker. Not a pleasant feeling! So she thought of a way to replace them and keeping the softness, all the while having a change in texture. This way, your fingers still feel the difference and will not automatically knit the marker. Clever, right?

Another good point: at long last, the friction caused by metallic markers on your needles can damage their finishes, particularly for the wooden ones. Using a satin smooth fabric marker will help avoiding this!

Plus, their silvery bead gives them a bit of weight, so that they are easier to slip from one needle to another. And it also brings a bit of bling in your life: don’t we all need this sometimes?


  • brillant (rainbow)
  • corinth (black & white, part solid colours, part striped),
  • okemo (black & white with a checkered motif),
  • victory (rainbow + black & white),
  • mount holly (red and green + black & white).

They also exist in 4 sizes:

  • mini (for needles under 2.5 mm),
  • small (for needles from 2 to 3.5 mm),
  • medium (for needles from 3.5 to 5.5 mm),
  • assorted (several markers for each size: mini, small, medium and large).

Note: the markers in the “brillant” colorway are “skinny” ones, meaning they are thinner than the others.

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