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Knitter's Pride Cable Needles

Knitter's Pride



These fine Aluminum cable needles feature bent center spaces that hold stitches securely while knitting cables. Well tapered tips for a smooth transition between knitting needle and cable needle. Available in two sizes to suit all yarn weights.

Small - Red/Blue - US 2 (2.5mm)/ US 6 (4mm)

Large - White - US 10 (6mm)/ US 11 (8mm)


Set of 3 wooden cable needles from Knitter's Pride. Grooves on the needles help prevent your stitches from slipping off and the smooth tapered tips slip the stitches easily on and off the needles 


Knitter's Pride Aluminum Cable Needles-Tool securely holds stitches when cabling. Smooth, tapered tips slips on stitches easily and holds them in place. Lightweight and strong aluminum is easy on the hands and materials. Two per package.

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